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Hi there!

I am an actor and writer from Brooklyn, New York. I was an athlete growing up, playing baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis, but I fell in love with acting  when I played Will Parker in Oklahoma! (half-singing the songs) during high school. I recently graduated from Vassar College, where I performed in numerous plays and studied Theater. I attended the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in 2014 and the British American Drama Academy in the Spring of 2016 to supplement my studies at Vassar. Since graduating, I have starred in two shorts, "Que Sera Sera" and "Time to Go," as well as Sony's holiday social media campaign, "Enjoy the Present." Enjoy the rest of my site!



Written, Directed & Edited by me!



10/14/18 : I wrote, shot, directed and edited my first short film, titled “The Invitations.” It’s about two friends who try to get through writing wedding invitations without fighting.

8/22/18: I will be playing Jessie in "Patti Did Us In" at the Acorn Theatre for the New York New Works play festival on September 4 and 12th!

7/11/18: I was just cast in an untitled Jonestown Documentary series that will premiere on AMC! I will be playing Vernon Gosney, a man who escaped Jonestown and has been able to tell his story.

5/19/18: I was on set for the short film, "Time to Go" playing a young man helping his father, who is battling Alzheimer's.

1/27/18: On set for the short film, "Que Sera Sera," which tells the story of two young addicts and their tumultuous relationship.


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